Sunday, September 5, 2010


For their first photoshoot, the models had to pose as various circus attractions. The girl with the weakest photo (ultimately, as determined by me) will be eliminated. Feedback will be taken into consideration, and usually it's the girl who has the most criticism or least praise.... LET'S GET STARTED!!!

KHOLE: The Ring Leader

MOONA: The Clown

LOUISE: The Bird Lady

AUTUMN: The Fire Eater

SOPHIA: The Contortionist

SIMONE: The Lion

NAANA: The Mime

SAMANTHA: The Fortune Teller


  1. The mime is stunning and the contortionist impressive.

    The clown is the stuff of nightmares, though that could just be because clowns creep me out.

  2. Moona's photo is the worst in this set, Sophia's is the best. However my favorite in the competition is Khole

  3. I think Autumn's the weakest photo, followed by Simone. Sophia's is the best without doubt!

  4. I don't like Autumn or Louise's pictures. Autumn is rather fearful for a fire-eater, and.. I'm not seeing 'bird lady' in Louise.

    I like everyone else's. Moona's isn't bad, even if no one else seems to like it. Clowns should be happy/not scary. =P. I also like Simone's and Sophia's a lot.

  5. I like Naana and Simone, not really keen on Samantha but thats just my opinion ^_^