Thursday, August 26, 2010


OMFG. So I started makeovers for my sims 3 next top model thing...i had finished three girls PERFECTLY....THEN MY GAME CRASHED. >=[

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sims 3 Next Top Model! CYCLE 2!

So this week I've been working on the FIRST photoshoot for Sims 3 Next Top Model - Cycle 2. And im really happy with it!!! I won't tell you the theme, but I'll give you a hint..... 3 Rings.

What do you guys think it is?!

I've got about 3 more photoshoots to finish, and then I'll be posting them on simscave, AND here.

Stay tuned!
-xo Mo

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Guys, I need advice on taking really good close up shots of my sims, without their faces disappearing or becoming transparent. When I get too close to my sims, their faces kind of vanish...what tips do you guys have on close ups, or even sim photography in general? leave comments !

~ thankya :)

Vanessa Cuzzin cousin!

This is a sim of my beautiful cousin, Vanessa. She's a nurse so she's a very warm person, but she's also a tough cookie who'll tell you off if you get on her bad side ;)

Download Vanessa here

CC Used
Hair - Cazy's blog
Blush- KittyKlan SoftGlo
Eyeshadow- LFB's Disco Da Vinci
Lips - Lemonleaf's Crystal Lipstick N8.
Contacts - Subaxi's T eyes
Shirt - gelydh's absent guile henley top
Jeans - Rusty Nail

Enjoiii! :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Alicia Bell - Aspiring Dancer

Alicia Bell practically LIVES at the dance studio. Her instructor, Madame Staub, is like a mother to her....a very strict mother. After hours and hours and HOURS of practice, Alicia gets into costume and makeup for her dress rehearsal at the studio... Download her today :)

Download Alicia here
(note: Alicia comes with the hair from the FIRST two pictures. the formal hair is not saved on her)

CC used
Hair - newsea
eyes - ohmyeyes by escand @ mts2 - here
skin, freckles, blush - Ladyfrontbum
Shirt - by shep @ mts2 here
Formal dress - Can't recall..but if someone knows, comment it or something!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


yayay my sims got featured on MS3B, im happy =3 and i've made a pact: i will now put the list of CC for you guys...that's totally not cool of me. if i want more people to download my sims, i really need to start doing that, so i will!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eli Lake - So pretty :)

Eli Lake is so pretty, is he not? :)

Download Eli here

Guys, I know I haven't been writing all the custom content recently. But most of it can be found at MS3B if you look. I dont have any sliders or anything so it's not like they won't look the same in your game. :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The "Cherrybomb" Trio: Luke, Malachy, & Michelle

Cherrybomb is a movie starring Rupert Grint. I, being obsessed with Ron Weasley, decided to take a look at this Irish flick online. Immediately I fell in love with it and today I bring you the three main characters of the movie: Luke, Michelle, and Malachy. I highly reccomend this movie to anyone who wants to see an action packed teen drama. Or at least check out the trailer! they are!!!


Download Michelle here


Download Malachy here


Download Luke here

- Michelle's hair: rose
- Michelle's skin: 234jaio's non default
- Michelle's shirt: TSR
- Malachy's hair: Peggyzone
- Luke's hair: The Sims 3 Store- FREE with ambitions registration

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm baaaack!

HEY'ALL!!! Just got back from vacation in was lovely! I'm back now though ^_^ For those of you who care (although if you do, you've most likely already found out via simscave...) I've officially recieved enough sims to start season 2 of Sims 3 Next Top Model. However, I'll be accepting entries until September 1st, so you can still submit! This would mean that some of the sims would get cut, but what's life without a little friendly competition ? ;) Glad to be back guys, love yall XO

- Mo Greekie