Saturday, April 24, 2010

A weeeee bit crazy... - Winnie Way

This is Winnie Way. She's the insane bachelorette of Sunset Valley. Now, she's got a LOT of custom content, but it's worth it :)

Traits: Insane, Coward, Absent Minded, Loser, Easily Impressed

Download Winnie here

Custom Content:
Hair & Bow - peggyzone
Glasses (BuddyHolly), Beauty marks(Celebrity), gloves, and eyes(Oh, my eyes defaults) - MTS2
Lips - lemonleaf
Dress - Rusy Nail
Shoes - iconsim
Skin - Subaxi
Eyeshadow(Romance) - Ladyfrontbum
Blush(Softglo)- KittyKlan

If you need any help specifically finding these items on the sites, just comment and let me know. They're all fairly simple to find though. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Secluded Island Retreat

So I downloaded a new was this beautiful Tropical Island theme, which got me in the mood to create this Island Retreat.

Welcome to your new Secluded Island Retreat! This home is two floors tall, not including the rooftop balcony.

This home is wrapped in an outdoor living space, complete with a firepit.

Walking into the front door, you're immediately greeted by a short hallway, with a doorway to the ocean at the end.

To your right is the kitchen/dining area. This kitchen comes fully equipped with everything you need to prepare your freshly caught fish, right from the sea.

To the left is the living area. This room is packed with lush trees, making for the perfect peaceful atmosphere.

A better look at the living space....

Off the side of the house is an area to hang laundry, and within the wrap around living space is a staircase.

The staircase leads you to a one room second story- the bedroom. This bedroom is completely surrounded by arches leading to a wrap around balcony. The arches can be covered (by preference) with sheer curtains for that extra privacy, but I think you will find that privacy is not an issue on your island....

Finally as the grande finale, the staircase in your bedroom leads you to a rooftop balcony, with an ocean view on all four sides. Sit up here and entertain friends, or make it off limits to everyone but you, for your own little piece of paradise.

You'll pretty much need World Adventures for almost everything in this house...and any other custom content is very unimportant and will most likely not affect the house. Besides, I dont even remember where most of it came from xD But if you do see any particular item that you just HAVE to have, comment on this post asking and I'll do my best to trace it for you. Enjoy!!!

Download Secluded Island Retreat here

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cleo Hepburn

Cleo Hepburn is a fiesty little thing! It's spring break and she's currently living in a beach houes with her three friends. Make her yours today! ;)

Traits: Flirty, Vegetarian, Light Sleeper, Athletic, Lucky
Favorites: Fruit Parfait, Indie, Aqua
Lifetime Wish: The Perfect Garden

Download Cleo here

Hair - XM Sims

Georgianne Pinto

I created Georgianne to play best friend to Maleika Partha in a story I started. The story never got finished because I got bored of it...0=] But I love Georgianne's chubby cheeks to pieces!
Traits: Vegetarian, Daredevil, Inappropriate, Hot headed

Download Georgianne here

Twins- Daisy and Elizabeth Locke

Daisy and Elizabeth are your typical snobby, beautiful, rich twins who are looking foward to gaining as much power as their important father. But which one of them will inherit the family mansion?


Traits: Can't Stand Art, Loves the Outdoors, Disciplined, Ambitious
Favorites: Grilled Salmon, Classical, Lilac

Download Elizabeth here
Hair - Peggyzone

Daisy's Traits: Perfectionist, Workaholic, Ambitious, Snob
Favorites: Lobster, Classical, Seafoam

Download Daisy here
Hair - GOS

Maureen Alabaster - Refined Beauty

Maureen Alabaster is only a young adult, but somehow she looks so much more sophisticated than that...and what about the rumors that she is mistress to Mr. Thornton Wolff? Scandalous!

What can you say about a woman who has a pink pool????

Traits: Snob, Schmoozer, Family Oriented, Hopeless Romantic, No Sense of Humor
Favorites: Autumn Salad, French Music, Irish Green
Lifetime Wish: Swimming in Cash

Download Maureen here

Andrew Milkman - Behold: My Legacy Founder!

Andrew Milkman happens to be the founder of my legacy file! He's pretty unique. A true science nerd and goofball, but oh-so-huggable :)

Traits: Genius, Handy, Lucky, Frugal, Computer Whiz
Favorites: Mac & Cheese, Indie, Violet
Lifetime Wish: Become a Creature Robot Cross-Breeder

Download Andrew here

Hair - GOS
Blush(Freckles) - Lemonleafs
Shirt - TSR
Height Slider - MTS2
Glasses - MTS2

Friday, April 2, 2010

Lavender Black - Dan Indalie's Widowed Sister

Lavender Black is a bit darker than her sister Dan Indalie. She definitely has a haunted look in her eyes, which is exactly what I was going for. She's all yours...don't get too spooked now ;)

Traits: Flirty, Great Kisser, Party Animal, Hopeless Romantic, Artistic
Favorites: Crepes, French Music, Black
Lifetime Wish: Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers

Download Lavender here

Hair - Newsea
Eyeshadow and Shoes - iconsim
Lipstick - Lemonleafs

Dan Indalie Vezza - Gothic Belle

I created Dan Indalie for my twin sister because she wanted a sim who was her style : Fashionably Gothic. She is not, i repeat -NOT - a vampire. Me no likey Twilight 0_o
He-he, cute and evil =3

Traits: Good Sense of Humor, Genius, Heavy Sleeper, Lucky, Mean Spirited
Favorites: Sushi, Indie, Violet
Lifetime Wish: Become an Astronaut

Download Dan Indalie here

Hair - XM sims
Eyes - here
Lips - MTS2
Piercing - Astray Sims
Shoes - iconsim

Darry Hanson - The Crooked Nosed Cutie

Darry Hanson has this disfunctional loveability about him. I created him to live as a hermit/ nectar connoisseur.

. . . Just look at him....who doesn't want a piece of that!? . . .

Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Bookworm, Natural Cook, Green Thumb, Charismatic
Favorites: Pancakes, Indie, White
Lifetime Wish: The Perfect Garden

Download Darry here

Hair - here
Lips - lemonleaf

Melrose Dante - Maleika's cousin

Now, you're probably thinking, "where have I seen this sim before?" Well, you haven't. But she does look quite like my previous sim, Maleika Partha! This is Maleika's cousin, Melrose. I think she's simply darling :)

Traits: Dare Devil, Handy, Hot Headed, No Sense of Humor, Party Animal
Favorites: Spaghetti, Indie, Limegreen
Lifetime Wish: Become an Astronaut

Download Melrose here

Contacts - MTS2
Hair- Peggyzone
Blush- Lemonleaf
Dress- iconsim

Maleika Partha- Possibly my Favorite Sim...

I don't think this is my most fantastic sim ever, but she was my first sim with any fantastic value. Her name is Maleika Partha...she was the inspiration for a story I started but never finished, and I think she's quite lovely :)

Note:Maleika will appear in the shirt from the first picture.

Traits: Daredevil, Handy, Hot Headed, No Sense of Humor, Party Animal
Favorites: Spaghetti, Indie, Limegreen
Lifetime Wish: Become an Astronaut

Download her here

Scar- MTS2
Hair- Peggyzone
Lipstick- LemonLeaf
Piercing-Astray Sims


I don't know who I'm typing this to, but I decided I'd create a little blog:) I've been playing the sims since the very first game, and I've posted sims on TSR under the name ticosmith.

BUT! I wanted to have my own little corner of the world wide web...just for me to show off my own stuff... I don't know who would download them, but you know what? I'm doing this for me! Thanks Y'all :) Happy Simming- . . Mo Greekie . .