Saturday, August 14, 2010

Alicia Bell - Aspiring Dancer

Alicia Bell practically LIVES at the dance studio. Her instructor, Madame Staub, is like a mother to her....a very strict mother. After hours and hours and HOURS of practice, Alicia gets into costume and makeup for her dress rehearsal at the studio... Download her today :)

Download Alicia here
(note: Alicia comes with the hair from the FIRST two pictures. the formal hair is not saved on her)

CC used
Hair - newsea
eyes - ohmyeyes by escand @ mts2 - here
skin, freckles, blush - Ladyfrontbum
Shirt - by shep @ mts2 here
Formal dress - Can't recall..but if someone knows, comment it or something!


  1. I love the second pic. She is so cute and she does look so like a dancer. Good job.